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At GTeyes we take responsibility for our textiles. Whichever product you choose, you can be sure of one thing: the quality will always meet your expectations. To ensure firm guarantees and to make your order even easier: each order includes an AQL-report.

Own factory Pakistan

GTeyes is a promise for quality and we keep this promise with our own factory in Pakistan. With our own people, our own offices, our own sourcing and our own controls – this is where we produce bath and bed textiles.

The details of your order are immediately summarized by our associates. This reduces mistakes and misunderstandings. The lines are short, the contact is direct. Should an issue arise, this process allows for immediate problem solving. To leave nothing to chance, our associates always conduct a secondary control in addition to the standard inspection.

Sourcing Pakistan

In addition to independent production in Pakistan, GTeyes also contracts out to other factories. We work exclusively with fixed partners that share our consciousness for quality. We inspect their textiles in the same way that we inspect our own. Including AQL-report.

Sourcing Egypte

Would you prefer Egyptian cotton? Here we’ve also established our own offices, our own people and fixed partners.

Quality System

The more at home you are in household textiles, the more quality you can offer. GTeyes can rely on years of general knowledge and experience. Our production and logistics are tightly managed and we work with a quality system.

Process control

Colors, sizes, grammages, labels, cards, packaging, barcodes, planning, transport, logistics, delivery time… We control our processes in all phases and facets. Each shift is in sync with the next. As a result? Your order is processed swiftly, according to all specifications and at a competitive price.

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