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Respect for people and the environment

Fair trade takes the most time. This is why GTeyes takes responsibility in respect to working conditions and environment. As such, we are affiliated with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). Our products are OEKO-Tex produced and inspected upon request, just as the majority of the factories that we work with.


People are important to us – just as the environment is. We invest in proper working conditions in our factories in Pakistan. How? By putting the BSCI/Amfori’s code of conduct into practice.


In concrete terms, this means that employees have freedom of union formation, right to a fair wage and right to a safe and healthy workplace. Underage near-adults enjoy extra protection and slavery is taboo.


Conducting business ethically goes hand in hand with anti-discrimination and legal working hours. Child labor is unknown to us. Employees have a contract and unnecessarily taxing the environment goes directly against our way of conducting business.

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